I purchased these shoes from an Eastbay catalog in the summer of 2000. Upon taking them out of the box, they immediately became my favorite pair of shoes - and have been since. Countless people have commented on the bright, blue color. The shoes have traveled all over North America, including Florida, Hawaii, and Canada. They have been used for walking, running, driving, slippers, and as watershoes.

When I got a camera phone, I often took random pictures of these shoes. I used my shoe pictures as my avitar or personal picture for internet forums. When one of my friends saw my collection of pictures, he suggested that I make an internet gallery. As I have learned more about web development, this site has grown and began to look more .... "visually acceptable" :P

I would like to thank adidas for creating these fine shoes and Eastbay for advertising and selling them to me :) (this page is now evolving to an ackowlegements page as well :P) Since They was kind enough to submit his shoes here, I have linked to his super-cool page. Most of all, I'd like to thank john from gprime.net for hosting this and helping me out.

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